How to use the BookSniffer App iPhone

Rotate your phone to use this tutorial, then click the arrow on the right side of this page to scroll to the first tip. 

You can scroll back or forward at any time with the left and right arrows. Let’s get started! Rotate your phone and click the arrow to the right.

Welcome to BookSniffer!

Hello 🙂  This is the starting point for book readers and book lovers who are just starting out with the BookSniffer app. Click “I’m New!” to start a new account with BookSniffer. Don’t worry, our step by step process is quick and easy! Already made an account? Click “I’m Back!” and pick up right where you left off!

Welcome back!

This is your home screen, where the magic happens. Here you can find all sorts of things to do in the app. You can browse for deals, search for books, or take a coffee break and scroll through memes. Want to catch up on news from your favorite authors or look through your TBR list? Click on “My Stuff.” Maybe you’re here to browse your own personal library to find a book to recommend to a friend. Go ahead, give it a try!

Find *just* what you're looking for!

Search by book title or search by author. Didn’t see what you wanted under Quick search? Try the Advanced search.  You can filter by author, title, genre, keywords, price, and even release date if you’re searching for the latest and greatest. Once you have selected your filters, select “Sniff out my books!”

See the next page for filtered results for Paranormal Thriller Author T.K. Eldridge.

Scroll through your search results, find your next read, and follow your favorite authors!


Did you find the book you were looking for? Click the “Want it!” link and the app will send you an email with links to all of the retailers that offer that book for sale- Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, if a retailer has it, we’ll find it and send it right to your inbox!

Want to read it later? We’ve got you covered. Once you click “Want it!” button, we automatically put the book on your TBR list!  Scroll through to the next few slides and see a list of options for organizing your TBR pile, because, honestly, those things can get out of hand very quickly!

Have you already bought TK’s new book, but want to add it to your personal virtual bookshelf to keep it handy? Click through for more options.

Be sure to click the “Follow This Author” button to keep up on all of the latest news and messages from author TK Eldridge? When TK has a message to send to her readers, you’ll be the first to know!

Read it? Loved it? Add it to your library!

You can add any of the books you find on BookSniffer to your very own personal library. Select “Add to My Library” and from there you can add it to your fully customizable library. You can add as many sections and shelves as you’d like, and name them whatever you want.

Want to change which bookshelf your book is on? No problem.  Hold down on the book and a menu will appear with options! You can move between sections, shelves, and you can even move it back to your TBR if you’re wanting to re-read it! (We’re going to tackle your out-of-control TBR on the next slide!)

Want to send a text to your BFF Jill with a link to a book that would make a great gift idea (hint, hint)? Hold down on the book and select “Recommend to friends.” The options are endless with your personal library! Found your literary soul mate? You can share your Paranormal shelf with them, or even your whole library! Click the yellow triangle at the top for a list of options.

Tame your TBR


Is your TBR list completely out of control? Don’t worry, ours is, too! In the BookSniffer app, you can organize your piles and create a sense of order. And since there’s no limit to the amount of books you can put on your TBR, you’ll definitely appreciate our sorting options! Want to read the new Paranormal Romance book  from Celia Kyle but you’re currently in the middle of Ashley Capes’ new series? Add Rebecca’s book to your TBR and it’ll be waiting for you!


Prefer to slide left and right between options? You’re all set. Prefer to see your books laid out on a electronic bookshelf? Hit the newspaper icon just to the right of the “Filters” button.


Both options are fully customizable, You can sort by genre, price, release date, title, author, or even ratings. Are you big into series? You’ll appreciate the release date option! Can’t remember the author, but know the title? We’ve got you covered.


Now you have no excuse not to start on that TBR pile. Except for that next book sale where you add 3 more. 🙂